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Hi! I'm Anthony, the founder and editor in chief of Bob Cut Mag. You may know me from my stories I've written or know me from Grindr (I'm a non-binary femme btw.) My favorite thing about what I do is getting to platform people, their stories, and show a wide audience why this person is really cool. Getting to be able to create gets me out of bed. But I don't hold any formal training in editorial, writing, or content (I do in photography however,) I just went out and did the damn thing. I reached out to makers, creators, designers, founders, chefs, activists, you name it and asked "can I do a story about you and can I take your picture." From there, now 7 years later, Bob Cut Mag has been a love story about San Francisco and the people who inhabit it. 

I graduated from the Academy of Art University in 2015 with my degree in photography, I had freelanced through college (mainly in retouching because stability) and learned that the retouching industry is not supportive or frankly, nice. But a rare opportunity opened up at a local publication called 7x7 where I learned the chops of editorial and how to marry photography, copy, and social. I put my photography degree aside and rolled my sleeves up to meet the expectations of the CEO and the president. From there I learned what passion meant and how my actions could ripple and affect others around me.

Then came Bob Cut Mag in 2015, January 15th to be exact. I launched the print and digital magazine and was so excited. Then I realized I have no money to upkeep it or bring people on. This is where I became a slashie—I learned to code the first iterations of the website (thanks Myspace and the Google Chrome inspect tool), I digital all the design work including the first logo that had the Cut in Bob Cut bolded for no reason, and began to write horribly not spell checked articles about whatever I could come up with. Ok, that last part has changed all too much but now I own it because I’m human and 300,000 readers annually support it. 

In 2020, Bob Cut was awarded the 2020 Best Community Cultural Print Media Business - West Coast USA by AI Global Media which basically means that whatever Bob Cut is doing is meaning something to others. But to know that we champion community and got awarded for it really put us into motion when 2020 seemed so bleak. Over the last 7 years of Bob Cut, I’ve gotten to work on a variety of projects big and small with a vast pool of creators and businesses—all retaining local culture, fashion, food, and design. 

Currently I’m working on a variety of projects because I can’t stay still. The current thing I'm building is Bob Cut Shop, where I do all the merchandising, pricing, negotiating with suppliers (again all self-taught.) What I want to work on is a podcast about San Francisco, work on an edu-tainment course to make your own lifestyle business, and in time, work on owning physical retail (that's the pipe dream however.)

Fun fact: I love doing my taxes and other people’s taxes. Don't ask me to do yours, I'm not a CPA.

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