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Anthony Rogers

*photo by Jim Wood

Anthony has always had a curious nature towards people. The way they looked, how they acted, and what they did with their lives. It stemmed further from simple observation to photographic capture, saving memories of others deep within his hard-drive kept a sense of security to him. He now photographs people daily in various forms of capture.

Anthony graduated from the Academy of Art University located in San Francisco, California. Where he obtained his Bachelors in Fine Art – Photography. While studying in school, Anthony works freelanced around the city with different magazines, clothing brands, and modeling agencies. His work has been featured with 7x7, Bob Cut Mag, SOMA Magazine, Coco magazine, Magpie Darling magazine, Gastronomique En Vogue magazine, and so on. Anthony hopes to branch off further in the photography industry by assisting, retouching, and art directing.

When Anthony is not shooting images, retouching, or assisting he is brushing up on his Korean language proficiency. Anthony has always had an interest in Asian fashion and media. He hopes to move to Seoul, South Korea in the near future and pursue work in that field.

Anthony is a current member of APA (American Photographic Artists) & the former BFA Photography Representative of the Academy of Art University.

Magazines -

Coco Magazine
Tantalum Magazine
GEV Magazine
Splendor of Azalea
A&H Magazine
Vatra Magazine
Magpie Darling Magazine
MOD Magazine
Mistree Magazine
Chasseur Magazine
Institute Magazine
Teeth Magazine
Original Glamour Magazine


Apparel & Fashion Designers -

Dirty Face Angels
Savage Birch
Gisel Ko
Sara Ahli
Alex Yip
Nika Tang
Justin Jamison
Kalin Talbott
Heather McDonald 
Fatima Sajjadi
Lucia Jiang
Casimiro Llamas
Danielle Givens


Agencies -

Exalt Modeling
Stars Modeling
LOOK Modeling
City Modeling
Scout Models
JE Modeling
SMG Models
Heffner Modeling
Vision Models
Maverick Models
Ford Modeling
RED Modeling
LOOK Artists
Artist Services


Companies -

Cinta Aveda Institute
Neiman Marcus
Fashion School Daily
Academy of Art University
AAU Styling Network
Rocket Dog Rescue

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