1. It’s Been A Year and Three Months

    Date 02 Oct 2016
    Jaewon of JE I haven’t been updating my site as I’ve been hard at work making Bob Cut the SF juggernaut that it is today. 55,000 readers and counting. I will update my work hopefully soon — I’m going through a quarter life crisis and I will soon need to…

  2. Laverne Cox

    Date 01 Jul 2015
    You cannot even IMAGINE how excited I was to meet the fabulous Laverne Cox up and close for 7x7 Magazine. We got to talk about the Trans March, #TransisBeautiful, and her role in OITNB. Such a lovely soul with a great head on her shoulders Thank you so much to my editors…

  3. Was this an Armani Fashion Show? No, it’s AAU.

    Date 26 May 2015
    Hello my darlings,Firstly, it’s been a while and I semi apologize for that. Honestly, It’s been so crazy these past few months I don’t know where to start…So lets start here.I got to photograph the Academy of Art University Fashion Show 2015, both backstage and front of show!Please enjoy the…

  4. Happily living… I think.

    Date 18 Feb 2015
    Hello my dears, Man I’ve been super busy. Clients, school, and work scholar work. I wanted to show you some of the day in the life photos I’ve taken and to see what’s been in my face lately. Have a lovely day guys!

  5. 2014 is DONEZO and what have I learned?

    Date 23 Dec 2014
    Hello beautiful people I hope all is well and right in the land of you. It’s literally LITErAllLyYYYY been a month since I updated my blog here on my website. Clients, school and work (in that order) had taken over my life for 3 months. It’s been really fun don’t…

  6. Because I need to catch up.

    Date 27 Nov 2014
    Hello my friends Firstly HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I’m currently alone in San Francisco for the day and I’ll probably just do my nails haha. Today for me was a day of just relaxing, I miss my mom a lot this time of year but I don’t go out of my way…

  7. Braved all week and still bonked my head.

    Date 06 Nov 2014
    Hello friends ~ I hope all is well and such! I’m currently writing from a cafe and I feel HIPSTER AS FUCK. It’s actually quite lovely because the weather is so calm tonight, not too cold and not too hot. Just right… Fucking goldielocks. Anywho, I have another round of…

  8. Such a lovely day!

    Date 27 Oct 2014
    Hi ya’ll I hope you are well ~ I’ve been quite busy with my studies, clients, and my full time-ish job. So I’ve been trying to time manage as best as possible, I have a couple awesome things (photos) in the works and I can’t wait to share with you.…

  9. An Extraordinary Blog Title!

    Date 20 Oct 2014
    Hello everyone! Finally a space to breath, today has been a “day off” for me. A client canceled a shoot for today so I decided to update my blog and update my work! :) Yesterday I went to STANDOUT! Photo Forum and man it was really nice to be around…

  10. Am I A Blogger Yet?

    Date 10 Oct 2014
    Howdy ya’ll! How are you doing? Well? Decent? Let me know ~ So this is another visual diary because even though I’m a writer, people do still enjoy pictures over the English language any day. I hope you all enjoy these photo’s and these glimpses into my life. Pearl and…

  11. Visual Diary // SFFW & LIFE.

    Date 29 Sep 2014
    Details from SFFW Hello my dears, It’s been a minute… or a month… or three. But for some reason I couldn’t update my blog without it freaking out. So I’m here now with a visual diary (from my instagram) to update you on! I’ve started school again and I’m in…

  12. Video mumbo jumbo.

    Date 31 Jul 2014
    Hi Everyone You guys know I love KPOP. I got into the genre of music my freshman year of high school by my good friend Christina Banh (which by the way, CONGRATS ON THE ENGAGEMENT. Would love to take the photos!) but back on track, the way the music hits…

  13. I’d like to think I’m multi-talented.

    Date 05 Jul 2014
    Hello everyone I hope you are doing great quite well, if you’re not tell me about it. I’m blogging from my phone at the moment. I’ve been figuring out what to write because I’m a terrible blogger and really push myself to write more frequently! Firstly, Happy 4th of July……

  14. Out with the old, in with the new.

    Date 22 Jun 2014
    Hello all Are we doing good? Is all well in the land of your psyche? You should definitely let me know! But hi… again, another blog post where I just talk about stuff and write like free willy. I’ve been thinking about where I want to take this blog, do…

  15. Because I am a writer… Dammit.

    Date 09 Jun 2014
    Hello everyone Are you doing well? Enjoying the summer months? Let me know, I’d love to hear! So… here is another blog post, another drawn out written vomit that I hope some people will read. I have this writers clutch where I feel the need if I start a blog…

  16. Introduction (A working title.)

    Date 01 Jun 2014
    Hello All Firstly, I hope you (reader) are doing splendid? Is everything going swimmingly for you? Let me know! Now that we have housekeeping out of the way let me properly introduce myself! My name is Anthony Rogers. Hi. This is me. I am a seattle (Tri-Cities) turned Bay Area…

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